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Report Category Year Author(s) and Title
Policy Brief 2022 Activities of decentralized domestic wastewater treatment in ASEAN countries
Report Booklet 2021 Report booklet of “Policy Dialogue and Network Building of Multi-stakeholders on Integrated Decentralized Domestic Wastewater Management in ASEAN Countries” (JAIF-PODIWM project)
Policy Brief 2021 Tomohiro TASAKI, Kosuke KAWAI, Atsushi TERAZONO, Rokuta INABA
Recycling indicators (NIES-CMW Policy Brief #3)
Policy Brief 2021 Tomohiro TASAKI, Rokuta INABA, Kosuke KAWAI, Ryo TAJIMA, Kaoru SUZUKI
Waste management and recycling policy in the era of population onus (NIES-CMW Policy Brief #2)
Guidelines 2020 Ishigaki T., Liu C.
CCET Guideline Series on Intermediate Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Technologies: Mechanical-Biological Treatment
Guidelines 2020 Kawai K., Liu C., Gamaralalage P.J.D.
CCET Guideline Series on Intermediate Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Technologies: Composting
Guidebook 2019 Kojima E. , Tajima R.
"Let's Take Out the Trash!"
A Guidebook for Local Governments and CBOs to Support Elderly People
Policy Brief 2018 PECoP-Asia and APRSCP
Reconfiguring Consumption and Production in Asia and the Pacific
Policy Brief 2016 Tomohiro Tasaki
Responsibility in Recycling Policy (NIES-CMW Policy Brief #1)
Guidelines 2015 Yamada M., Ishigaki T., Tajima R., Kubota R., et al.
Flood Waste Management Guidelines for Bangkok
Joint Research Report 2015 Tasaki T., Tojo N., Lindhqvist T.
International Survey on Stakeholders' Perception of the Concept of
Extended Producer Responsibility and Product Stewardship
NIES Report
(English Summary)
2010 Tasaki T., Numata D., Matsumoto T., Tojo N.
Reframing the Concept of Collection Systems with Economic Incentives -
Based on the Review of Deposit-Refund Systems and Point Systems -

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