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Report booklet of “Policy Dialogue and Network Building of Multi-stakeholders on Integrated Decentralized Domestic Wastewater Management in ASEAN Countries” (JAIF-PODIWM project)

About the Report Booklet

(Release Date: May, 2021)

While Southeast Asian countries are facing rapid economic growth, industrialization, and an increase in urban wastewater (sewage) due to population growth, systems for promoting appropriate wastewater treatment have not yet been fully developed. In the JAIF-PoDIWM project, NIES, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works and National Housing of the Republic of Indonesia, worked with the 9 target countries in ASEAN for two years and five months from July 2018 to address common issues in the Southeast Asian region. We have deepened our understanding and have made efforts to form networks with stakeholders surrounding the water environment in each country. At the same time, we have contributed to human resource development by conducting capacity building training and two policy dialogues for policy implementation.

At the end of the project, NIES has created a report booklet (hereinafter referred to as "booklet") by extracting important matters from the more than 1,000 pages final report so that participants can briefly share the wisdom cultivated in this project. The booklet will be a useful tool for the 9 target ASEAN countries who participated in the project to share the current situation and issues of each country, to refer to the implementation results of the project as necessary, and to contribute to the realization of the policy.

For more information, please refer to the press release on May 13, 2021.