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Bio-Eco Engineering research laboratory

Bio-Eco Engineering research laboratory

This research laboratory is developed to provide a base for international research activities to solve environmental issues pertaining to both Japan and overseas countries. Introducing household liquid waste from an actual treatment plant through a vacuum sewer system, we are conducting research on the development, analysis and evaluation of recycling-type advanced-treatment Johkasou for liquid, organic waste including raw sewage and household liquid waste; energy recovery technology from biomass such as raw garbage; eco engineering using planting and soil purification technology; and so on. While various research programs are undertaken jointly with publicly run local environmental research institutes, universities, private businesses, and overseas research organs, international joint research projects are also being promoted with these research facilities utilized as the nucleus based on the Environment Ministers Meeting among Japan, China and Korea (TEMM), a Japan-China Environment Protection Agreement project, etc. Thus, this laboratory constitutes an important base for an international environmental research network including technical training and field training organized under JICA-KOICA joint training programs for trainees from Asian countries.


Research Laboratory of Material Cycles and Waste Management