Other major researches and studies

Prioritized areas of fundamental research

Material Cycles and Waste Management Research

We are investigating the current state and the mechanisms of the structure of resources use and the associated environmental burdens through socio-economic activities from local to international scale.

Assessment methods and strategies for shifting to a sustainable, sound material-cycle society shall be proposed. We are also evaluating technologies and systems for treatment and recycling of waste and recyclable materials both in Japan and foreign countries and are developing fundamental technologies for material recycling and substance control in waste treatment and recycling processes as well.

  • Institutional and policy research on systems and measures for shaping a material cycle-based society
  • Dynamic analysis on international material cycles and assessment of their environmental, economic and social impacts
  • Developmental and research on various types of fundamental technologies required for resource recycling and materials management
  • Advancement of testing and evaluation management systems related to the use as construction materials and landfill disposal
  • Fundamental research related to the application of waste management technologies in Japan and overseas
  • Waste management research collaboration and research into practice projects with Asian countries
Researches for Material Cycles and Waste Management in Prioritized Areas of Fundamental Research (FY2016-2020)