Sustainable Material Cycles Research Program

To help materialize the future vision for an international resource use strategy, this program will elucidate supply chain structures and the factors that shape those supply chains. Measures toward sustainable material cycle-based society shall be proposed based on the assessment of the effects of resource and environmental conservation throughout the life cycles of products and services.

The program will also develop and evaluate measures for the advancement of sustainable, integrated waste management systems in Japan and in Asian region.

Fundamental technologies and social system needed for waste prevention/minimization, reuse, and recycling in harmony with a low-carbon footprint society and other initiatives shall be also proposed.

For more details of our research program, please refer to the related section in NIES Annual Report 2018.

Project1 Designing a sustainability strategy for global resource networks from the consumption-based perspective
Project2 Assessment of resource efficiency and environmental impact in the cycles of recyclable materials and accompanying substances
Project3 Proposal of transition paths and adaptation measures for a circular society
Project4 Advancement of sustainable and integrated waste management system in Asia
Project5 Development of next generation technologies for "3R"
Sustainable Material Cycles Research Program (FY2016-2020)