A guidebook for local governments and CBOs is published to support elderly people to take out the trash.


A multi-stakeholder project on integrated decentralized domestic wastewater management starts with the funding support from the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF).
NIES press release (in Japanese).
Policy brief on reconfiguring consumption and production in Asia and the Pacific is published.


A new type of publication, policy brief, is published. The first number is about responsibility in recycling policy.
Flood Waste Management Guidelines for Bangkok is published.

Flood Waste Management Guidelines for Bangkok have been prepared based on the lessons from Thai and Japanese flood waste management experiences, integrating perspectives from both technical engineering and social science. They are intended to provide relevant stakeholders such as national government, local government and community groups with the basic principles of flood waste management together with a quick guide of important solid waste management actions at each stage of flood event to help both getting prepared in advance and responding effectively. The Vulnerability Assessment Tool in the appendix will help to understand the current state of the waste management system against flood.


Report of International Survey on Stakeholders' Perception of the Concept of Extended Producer Responsibility and Product Stewardship is published.