International Waste Management Engineering Section
Name Job Title Main Research Theme
Masato Yamada Head Science and Technology for Landfill
Kaiqin XU Principal Researcher Study on treatment technology for liquid and organic waste using Bio-eco engineering and Watershed Management
Tomonori Ishigaki Senior Researcher Technology and System for Appropriate Waste Management
Yoshitaka Ebie Senior Researcher Development of appropriate management system for liquid waste
Takuro Kobayashi Senior Researcher Technology development for resource recovery and energy production from liquid and organic wastes
Yuka Ogata Research Associate Resolution phenomenon, field survey, and technology development of biological transformation of matter in buried waste and leachate in domestic and Asian landfill
OCHIAI Satoru Research Associate The development of utilization and mass reduction for the organic solid waste
HU Yong Research Associate Development of decentralised urban resource recovery system for treating organic waste
SUTTHASIL Noppharit Junior Research Associate
SHI Chen Research Assistant