Fundamental Technology and Substance Management Section
Name Job Title Main Research Theme
Hidetoshi Kuramochi Head
  1. Development of separation and synthesis technologies for BDF production.
  2. Measurement and prediction of physicochemical properties of environmental pollutants
Takashi Yamamoto Senior Researcher Development of analytical methods for the detoxification of asbestos containing wastes
Natsuko Kajiwara Senior Researcher Research on additive chemicals contained in flame-retardant products and recycled plastic products
Go Suzuki Senior Researcher Risk assessment of chemical hazards during the product life cycle
Masahiro Oguchi Senior Researcher Substance flow/stock accounting and management strategy of hazardous and valuable metals in waste products
Hidenori Matsukami Researcher Environmental impact assessment by emerging contaminants from wastes during processing operations On-site, real-time, and non-destructive analysis of regulated substances
Kazuko Yui Research Associate
Noda Koichi Research Associate
ZHANG Zhenyi Research Associate
Kenichi Arima Research Associate